5 hacks for best content marketing

Hacks for Content Marketing

Content marketing is a major ingredient in the broth of Digital Marketing. Whatever your niche might be, it is the type of content that you provide to your potential customers is that sets your value on the internet. We all know how important it is to rank on the first page of SERP, and that’s possible only when you put up high quality and relevant data on what folks are looking for. 

Worried about how to swim up in this ocean of content? Don’t worry we’ve got you some content creation hacks that you can use to improve your game of content marketing.

Well researched content

The reasons for providing well-researched content is self-explanatory. Gone are the days when whatever you said would be digested by the person. Anyone who comes to a search engine and types something has a purpose and that is to get relevant information about a particular topic. So, whenever they click on some link they expect it to have the full information about whatever you are talking about. It helps gain confidence among your viewers and in case you’re a Digital Marketing Agency, your clients develop more faith in you. Hence, providing well-researched content should be a priority in your content marketing strategy.


Write catchy titles

Be it newspapers, books, or blogs, your titles matter the most. Your headline decides whether or not your content is read-worthy. The body of your content might be very great but might not get much attention if your headline doesn’t trigger them. It shouldn’t be too long or too short. It should be crisp, precise, and enough to hold their attention and get them on the page. A title under 67 characters, triggering, including the keyword in it is most apt and will give better results in your content marketing.

Writing catchy headline is important for content marketing
Write triggering headlines and titles


Use Social Media well

Believe it or not but Social Media holds the potential to drive tons of traffic to your site. We’ve talked in detail about how Social Media helps SEO in our previous blogs. Social Media is a house of enormous content ideas and it is advisable to make your content social-media-friendly. I mean, nothing boosts your content marketing than Social Media, so make sure you make the best out of it.


Create the content on trending ideas

There are various content marketing tools available out there that can tell you what’s actually going on. For instance, you can use Semrush for Topic Research, that suits your content marketing strategy. You can even use Google Trends to know what’s trending and do your content marketing around it. 

For instance, Baba ka Dhaba was trending somewhat a month ago and we, as a content marketing agency, made a blog on the same.

Creating Content around trending topics is helpful.
Creating Marketing on trending topics


Guest Blogging

While creating relevant content on your own site is a vast part of your content marketing strategy but putting up useful data where people might actually find you also matters. This is where Guest posting comes to play. Search about what people actually look for in your niche- like for us as a content marketing agency, people might look for content creation hacks or best hacks for content marketing, and topics around it, so we’d create some relevant content around it and put them up on various sites which welcome guest blogs. It is very advisable that you don’t just put up blogs for the sake of getting backlinks but also to reach a greater audience. You’ll get backlinks plus a bigger audience that will help you gain more traffic organically so it’s a win-win situation.


Use these hacks to improve your content marketing game or contact Digiturtle Marketing for Content Marketing tips.

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