How to achieve greater reach in Instagram for Brand Marketing

instagram marketing

Instagram has become one of the popular social media marketing platforms, where there are millions of creators ranging from different domains starting from food, tech, fashion, media, and the list goes on and to be one amongst the crowd and stand out is one hell of a task! But, if we follow some simpler steps I believe it’s easy to reach out to a greater number of people and showcase that hidden talent of yours.

Turning into a business account for brand marketing 

Converting your Instagram into a business account would help you to get emails from people who are seeking to promote your brand and insights which would help you to track the number of people who are potentially saving and sharing your content. It also has a tab for them to contact you which will be beneficial for you.

Utilization of Instagram Insights

As mentioned earlier about insights it’s one of the popular Instagram tools. Using this you can know the people who are following you and segregate them under categories like gender, age. Knowing this would help you to create a greater reach amongst them. This might help you to increase the brand.

Teasers for product

Product teasers will make the user curious about what the brand is going to release next, and they’d be eagerly waiting for the product to reveal it. This is being used by all social media marketing agencies. 

Curating hashtags

instagram hashtags

Create a unique hashtag for the brand, this would keep the users on the edge. Another thing is asking the followers how they would promote the brand with exciting giveaways, which would clearly bring up more hype for the brand and something for the user’s post being shared by a brand.

Searching for social influencer

social media influencer

Reaching out to influencers for the brand creates more buzz amongst the followers. Engaging with other creators and collaborating with them will provide an increased impetus.

Noticing the metrics

Metrics for instagram

Keeping a tiger eye on the metrics and hours. The more concentrated on that will proportionally increase the brand image.

Distinct content creation

Create content that is true to yourself, so imagine you are a food product brand but add a twist to that post the photos in a way that you would like to do, hence it will bring more followers.

Proper engagement

Engage with the followers. Create posts that help you have an interactive session with the followers. Post stories, and have one unique part in your story for a specific day so the followers will be looking forward to that one specific content.

Using the aid from apps

Have a specific theme for your profile, there are many apps that help you plan your feed for brand marketing. If it’s aesthetically pleasing it helps you build more followers.


Finally, it’s all about how unique you are and the way you want to convey things to people. If you would’ve noticed since the quarantine has hit, Instagram’s creators have been reaching the milestone and hit a lot of followers. It’s because they were very engaging and didn’t let their followers disappoint. Consistency is the key for brand promotion. Being consistent enough will draw the public towards your account and want to see a lot of your content.

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