How does Social Media Marketing help SEO?

How does Social Media Marketing help SEO

Social Media helps you in more ways you think, not just in social media marketing but also in SEO. So, if you’re a seo company or seo consultant, here’s something for you.

I think we’ve always wondered if social media marketing actually helps in SEO. Well, no need to wonder now as we’ve got you the answer which is- YES. But you might as well wonder HOW? So, read on.

Social Media Marketing is helpful in SEO indirectly
How does Social Media Marketing helps SEO?

First and foremost, you need to understand that Social Media Management does not directly affect your Google Rankings. I don’t say this but insights, data, and few experts and SEO consultants say so.

According to Searchmetrics’ 2016 Rebooting Ranking Factors White Paper:

“The correlation between social signals and ranking position is extremely high, and the number of social signals per landing page has remained constant when compared to with the values from last year’s whitepaper. … The top-ranked websites in Google’s rankings displays vastly more social signals than all other pages…. This is primarily due to the overlap between brand websites performing strongly in social networks and being allocated top positions by Google.”

I believe the answer to this lies in the second word in that quote — correlation. Cutts hints at the same thing when he says, “It’s correlation, not causation.”

Now, coming back to our question again- How does social media marketing help in SEO?
Let’s say you’ve a SEO Company or SEO Agency, and you create some really good content, it’s very likely to go popular if you do some good social media marketing. When people like it, they might as well check out your link and share it as well, which does affect the traffic and the rankings. Hence, social media marketing is not a direct way in which it affects your ranking, but come to think of it, it does somehow still make a difference. Here’s how:

Potential for links

The more shares on social media you have, the more opportunities people have to see your content and link to it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site, if you make high-quality content that gains traction on social media, you’re more likely to get links from other websites.

Social Media Marketing helps in building an audience

Now, you might be the best SEO Company, SEO Agency, or SEO Consultant out there, providing some amazing SEO services, but nobody knows you. How long can you see yourself running in such a situation? You need an audience to keep thriving in the industry. For that, you need to be extremely active and let people know and find you. And how to do that? Yes, you guessed it right- Social Media Marketing! Social media is a great way to build your web presence and quickly build an audience. We also know that click-through rates can impact search engine rankings. Social media marketing helps build brand awareness and an audience, which increases the likelihood that people will click on your brand’s content in Google’s search results.

Social Media Marketing helps with engagement hence creaating a loyal audience.
Social Media helps build an audience.

Branded Searches

When consumers Google your brand name plus a keyword phrase, it can help you rank for similar keyword phrases.
An example can be- Suppose there are a lot of people searching for the name of your SEO Company and they react positively with your content, Google would think that since your web page ranks well for “[Your Brand Name] SEO Company”, it would also be a good result for SEO Companies and place you higher for the keyword phrase “SEO Company”.

Social Media Marketing helps in promotion

Social Media Marketing can be a great way to promote your content to your audience and be able to acquire high-quality backlinks. There are a few dependencies though:

  • Your audience must be on social media.
  • Your audience must care about your content.

Generally, people using social media aren’t thinking about work. They’re thinking about their interests and hobbies. So if you can take a different approach (perhaps creating humorous content or something outside of your service offering), you just might get better engagement.
So, what can we conclude from this? No, social media does not directly help with SEO, nevertheless, it’s clear that social media can, in fact, help your SEO efforts. Even if social media marketing isn’t a direct Google ranking factor, it is one of the best ways to promote content and be found online. Which is, ultimately, what SEO is all about.

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