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We are a bunch of people here positioned to serve throughout India and help you with the PPC marketing services you require for your business. We help you ascertain the “wow factor” in your business and portray it in a more wonderful way to the world. DigiTurtle helps you enhance your business with its hardworking and efficient ppc management team. We bring to you innovative strategies and monitor your marketing requirements up to the brim.

What is Pay per click?

Pay Per Click Services | Digiturtle Marketing

PPC, or Pay Per Click or more commonly known as search engine marketing (SEM) is your go-to for putting your business out there in the world. It is a type of advertising which simply means that you pay only when the user clicks on your ad. The PPC Management Services team at DigiTurtle identifies the personality of your target audience and design strategies for marketing campaign that they are bound to fall for.

Google being the leading search engine offers an entire platform to promote your business online. The header of any search engine is occupied by the top 3 paid ads in their search engine marketing services. So it becomes quite imperative to strategize your search engine marketing well. Paid Ads is the most convenient option to fuel your digital marketing which definitely requires the expertise of an efficient search engine marketing agency or to be precise ppc service agency.

Benifits of PPC Service

Among the host of benefits that PPC adwords services offer, some are:

  • Easy Tracking of your campaign with complete transparency
  • You pay only when your ad is clicked
  • Quick influence on your target audience
  • Enhance your visibility over the web
  • Definitely promotes mobile advertising
  • Return on Investment(ROI)

How does your business grow through PPC?

PPC advertising is online paid advertising which effectively invites traffic to your site and also doesn’t hit your pocket hard. DigiTurtle PPC services company design the campaign for you keeping in track all the key features of your business including the product, time, budget and your target audience. Our Team takes all the effort to provide you with the best PPC services maintaining a cost effective approach and makes sure to target marketing on the internet pretty well. We also strive to give you a good report with detailed analysis on the ppc services list and campaign we design for you.


To pace up with the competition out there in the world, a targeted strategy is required to develop your business instantly. So if that is what you desire, PPC is the beneficial option for you as you would be able to see how your ppc ad services are being responded. For this, you need it to be done at a professional level and here we are to provide you with all that help your business needs to grow. We assure you the best of affordable PPC advertising services.

PPC Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

PPC Advertising is a type of advertising mostly used on websites and search engines which simply means that you pay only when the user clicks on your ad. This helps your business draw considerable amount of traffic to your website, that too at a reasonable cost.

PPC are paid advertisements displayed on the top, right and bottom of the page in a Search engine. The ads get displayed as per the keyword that is typed. SEO ads are non–paid and are displayed after the keyword is searched and usually appear below the paid ones.

PPC has proven to be convenient for all kinds of business. However, the strategy of a campaign depends on the products offered and the target audience as well.

The budget might vary depending on the type of business. Along with the keyword research, we give you insights into the probable cost-per-click depending on which, we design a suitable campaign budget.

As the campaign gets ready, it has to pass through a review process following which it is all set to give a kick to your sales.

A Landing Page is the one that gets displayed once a paid ad is clicked on the web.

The landing page is the link between visitors that could probably turn into customers. It is the page where the business and products are given detailed explanation. Hence, designing an attractive and informative landing page is a must.

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